Services Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is effective on the date this agreement is accepted by clicking “Accept” on the internet terms and conditions between Small Town Tech Inc Virus and Tech Support (hereinafter “STT”) whose principal place of business is 304 3rd St., International Falls, MN 56649, and CUSTOMER (whose name and address is provided by CUSTOMER via internet):

   WHEREAS, CUSTOMER desires to retain STT to provide virus and spyware prevention service, hereinafter known as “STT Virus and Tech Support”, STT NTDS desires to provide such services, in accordance with the terms set forth below.

   NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereby agrees as follows:

Services Provided:  CUSTOMER retains STT to provide “STT Virus and Tech Support”. 

Package and Price:  CUSTOMER and STT agree that CUSTOMER chooses one of the following services (check one):  

Basic Package        ($9.99 per month)            ___

Premium Package         ($14.99 per month)            ___


**See Exhibit A-Schedule of Services for a list of services provided for each package

Term:  The term of this Agreement will begin on the date that this agreement is accepted by clicking “Accept” on the internet terms and conditions or upon receipt of payment (hereinafter “Start Date”) and continue on a month-to-month basis.  

Payment:  Payment must be received on or before Start Date.  Monthly payments shall be made on the same numeric date each month as Start Date (e.g. if Start Date is January 15, the initial payment must be made by January 1 and subsequent payments would be due by February 15, March 15, April 15, etc.).  The numeric date in each month shall be known as the Due Date.  Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars, checks, credit cards, or drafts made payable to NTDS.  Electronic payments can also be made via internet at

Late Payment:  A payment shall be considered late if it is not received within 30 days after the Due Date.  Interest shall accrue on all Late Payments at 8.00% per annum.   

Effect of Termination: A party should not be released from the obligation to make payment based on the termination or expiration of this agreement, including but not limited to those then due and/or become due after the expiration/termination.  

Remote Access:  CUSTOMER agrees to allow STT authorized personnel to access CUSTOMER’s computer via RescueMe® remote access software.  STT will only access the CUSTOMER’s computer with the CUSTOMER’s permission by entering the special code provided to the CUSTOMER.  Each code is unique to every remote session.  Once the remote session is completed, STT will terminate the remote connection and will no longer have access to the CUSTOMER’s computer.

STT Maintenance:  At various times, STT may need to perform maintenance on its program.  Advanced notification will be provided to CUSTOMER before access is granted by the CUSTOMER and maintenance is performed.  


CUSTOMER agrees that CUSTOMER’s computer must be powered on and connected to an IP provider for services to occur;

CUSTOMER agrees that if CUSTOMER’s computer should be infected with a virus in which STT cannot remove remotely, CUSTOMER will deliver the device to STT location so that STT can remove the virus;

All products and services have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit;

Emsisoft®, CCleaner® Cloud and RescueMe® software are licensed to STT;

Services may be transferred to a different computer by notifying STT.  Once notified, STT will un-install and re-install the proper software programs.  

Qualifying IT services are at the discretion of STT and the qualifying devices must be at CUSTOMER’s physical address specified in this Agreement.  

Choice of Law:  This Agreement will be governed by the laws of Minnesota.  The parties agree to make a good faith effort to resolve any disputes which arise from this Agreement through direct contact, in an informal manner.  Should informal efforts be unsuccessful, the parties, may use legal remedies available to them under Minnesota or federal law.

Merger: This contract and the attached Exhibit A constitute the entire agreement between the parties, all prior negotiations and commitments being merged herein. No other understanding, collateral, verbal or otherwise shall be binding unless in writing. No additional or extra work shall be performed unless approved in writing.

Severability: Should any part of this agreement be deemed unlawful, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in effect and be fully binding on the parties.

By pressing “Accept” or upon receipt of payment, you acknowledge receipt and agreement to the terms evidenced in this agreement.                                  


Services Provided with STT Virus and Tech Support BASIC Package

Unlimited remote assistance and support with any virus or spyware related issues

~ With your permission we will access your computer remotely and help you with problems on your computer

~ Once the session is over, we will exit your computer and your privacy is restored

24/7 virus & spyware protection on your computer, scanned daily

~ IF you get a virus, we will remove it at no additional cost

~ If your computer is not powered on and connected to the internet at the time of

scheduled scan, it will automatically scan the next instance it is on and connected

STT Virus and Tech Support Dashboard installed on your computer desktop

~ Quick Scan – you can scan your computer any time

~ Nightly Scan Results – You can see what was found and quarantined

~ Backup – Directs you to your Cloud Backup Files (If Subscribed)

~ Helpful Hints – Have questions, go here first for a quick reference guide

~ Customer Support – Connect with us through Live Chat, e-mail or phone

Automatic program updates (Windows®, Java®, Adobe®, Silverlight®)

A weekly scan to remove unwanted “junk” and keep your computer running at full speed

Services Provided with STT Virus and Tech Support PREMIUM Package

All of the services provided with the BASIC package PLUS: Remote Assistance personalized to YOUR needs.

WE will help YOU with such issues as:

~ e-mail, set up, restore

~ Microsoft® Windows operating systems

~ Microsoft®, Google®, Firefox® search engines

~ Facebook® and other social network sites

~ Skype® and other instant messaging apps

~ Computer configuration and drivers

~ Lost passwords

~ Printing

~ Photos

~ No question is a dumb question.  If we can help you remotely, we will ?