Our mission is to provide diverse technology solutions and services to small communities. 

We make a commitment to each and every individual customer to fully satisfy their needs, whether it be through retail, repair, or any of the many services we offer.

This commitment is also extended to the local businesses we serve. In addition to the services we provide for all customers, we also work with businesses to provide technology solutions, such as network installation or maintenance plans. Learn more.

A long, long time ago - in this galaxy - Ted Saxton ran LakeState Computing in Shannon's Square. 

All was well, for a while, but something was lurking in the background... and it wasn't just Chewbacca. There was a problem.

More and more computers were coming in, but oddly enough, the store didn't magically get larger. Eventually we couldn't even remember if we had carpet or not with all the stuff there.

So, in 2017, Ted partnered with Jim Yount to create Small Town Tech. It's bigger, it's better, and... Chewbacca is still here...


What We Do